P is for People

For as long as I can remember, I have professed to all that have listened, “I hate people”. I think most people have said it at least once…at least, I assume most people have said it…now I’m not so sure.
Anyway, I have realised that though I may have those bad days or uncomfortable and displeasing encounters with various people (which ultimately leads me to uttering this awful phrase) I don’t truly believe that I hate people. After all, to be completely cliche and cheesy, people make the world go around (not literally, of course).
There are how many people alive in this world? 7,225,718,664 (as of now; I looked it up; by the time you read this, that figure will have jumped exponentially). How crazy is that?
With a statistic like that, saying that you hate all people in the world is virtually impossible, right? Not to mention an insane generalisation.
Out of those 7 billion people, most people choose 1 to accompany them throughout life. 2 are your parents. 4 are your grandparents. Then you have siblings (let’s say 2 of those). Then you have friends (let’s round that to 15).
Let’s do some math. I know, I know, who likes math? Bear with me.
Assuming that you have all of these people in your life:
1 (person to spend your life with) + 2 (parents) + 4 (grandparents) + 2 (siblings) + 15 (friends) = 24 (people that you, most probably, think are pretty alright)
Okay, ratio time:
24 : 7,255,718,664
That’s 0.0000000033
Or… 0.00000033%
Let’s assume that these people are the only people that you know (or that you know well enough to comment on whether you like them or not).
This means that you know 0.00000033% of people in the world.
Therefore, by these calculations, one can hardly comment on whether they hate all people, because we don’t know 99.99999967% well enough to comment.
Thus concludes today’s math lesson. How’s your head doing?
Though I think that I have proved that it is impossible for you to hate everyone, I recognise that you do have those days where you are sick of the human race. The days where everyone and everything they do irritates you beyond what words can convey.
Sure, there are some pretty screwed up and terrible people (or just people that have made the wrong choices and have, therefore, done terrible things). Some who you have more than enough reason to dislike, or even hate. That’s okay.
What you need to do on those days, what I need to do, is focus on those people (the 24 in 7 billion) that make you happy and that will extend their arms in order to help you stand again. Focus on them – the people that make you feel better and the people that make you who you are.
Okay, so the 7,255,718,640 other people in the world are not loving you or your feelings today? That’s okay; you don’t know them. You have your irreplaceable 24. And that’s more than some people have.
Following the release of Carrie Hope Fletcher’s video entitled “Happy Tears” (link here if you want to watch it), I was again awakened to “people power” (I made it up and I’m going with it). I define “people power” as the potential influence an individual can have over another individual’s life.
As a long-time viewer of Carrie (and a person who looks up to her a great deal, despite us being practically the same age) I was surprised to find that she was unaware of the influence that she has over people just by letting her voice be heard through the outlet of YouTube.
My immediate reaction to this was something along the lines of, “of course, how did you not notice this? Of course you have this effect on people”. But, I guess, because of the way that most people criticise themselves, they are unable to see these things unless they are pointed out directly. That day Carrie’s “people power” broke through causing her to end up an exponentially happy, yet teary mess. “People power” is dangerous yet empowering stuff.
As a result of this video, I have been trying to compile a list of the people who inspire me (longer than the one that I made in my ‘I’ post). This list of people will, one day soon, end up on the wall above my bed.
I hope to use it so that I can:
1. Focus on the people (those fateful 24 and a few more) to try to make my day better.
2. Motivate myself to continue doing what I love in the hopes that I can be one of the people whose name features on someone else’s wall saying that I am a source of their inspiration. It’s a bit – no, a lot – aspirational, but I want to make a difference. Is that bad?
Anyway, the statement that I have written to accompany my list says “If all of these people, and more, inspire you, maybe you’ll believe that there are people out there that will say one day, ‘She inspires me‘”.
So, if you take anything at all away from this rant, take these five things:
1. You can’t hate everyone.
2. You can find someone in the 7 billion that will stick by you through all the crap.
3. Hang on to your 24.
4. Be aware of your “people power”.
5. Watch Carrie Hope Fletcher (itswaypastmybedtime) on YouTube.

NB. – Due to the length of this non-fiction section, therefore will be no fiction section this time. Next time, definitely.


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