X is for X-treme baking

Were you wondering where I was last week?
Well, my family have this annual tradition. I think it’s pretty cool. Basically, we set aside one weekend in November where we bake cookies.
“Bake cookies?!” You ask, your voice laced with incredulity, “How is baking cookies extreme?!”

Trust me, this type of cookie baking is extreme.

Each year, my family on my mother’s side get together for one weekend in November to bake Christmas cookies for our family and family friends.
To give you an idea, my mother was one of eight children and most of those eight have children (and most more than one child) of their own. You can imagine the sheer amount of cookies that come to exist each year.

Here are some photos I took this year:


All recipes that we use originate from my grandparent’s German heritage, so are not the traditional cookies that you might find at a supermarket or cafe. For me, they are the special kind of cookies that come with Christmas and only Christmas. Which makes making them all the more special.

So, I know this post is short, but I now have a tub of Christmas cookies to eat.


Jealous yet?!


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