I Dream for Life

I know this is not my usual post. I know the title is not a “B is for…” but I have some things to say that have been rattling around in my brain and I need them out.

A while ago, I wrote a post about jobs and careers—it’s something that is talked about on a daily basis (not the post (here), but the topic of jobs and careers, you follow?). The entire topic, honestly, drives me a little insane–as I outlined in that post. I kind of view it as a double edged sword—I think it’s important to have something in life to strive toward, but it’s so scary that it makes me want to hide under the covers and read a book by torchlight.

Every day I struggle to try and figure out what it is that I want to do with my life. To be clear, I have dreams. Believe me, I have many. But I feel like there are so many things that are telling me not to pursue them. It’s like constantly trying to tread water, when there is something that has a hold of your ankle and it pulling you under.

There are times when I have this well thought out plan as to how I can carry my life out, but I keep getting blind-sided by other people’s expectations of me and, on a larger scale, societal expectations of me. It’s interesting that one of the most lucrative industries—the arts–is also one of the most frowned upon. It’s viewed as one of the taboo careers because when you are aspiring, you don’t make a lot of money. The thing that people don’t understand, is that money (at least for me) is not why I want to buy into the industry. Writing is where I feel truly comfortable and at ease, so much so, that it is one of the strategies I use to combat my anxiety.

This. This is what I want to with my life. I admit it. I want to make magic with words. I want to tell stories. I want to entertain people. When I write, the whole world falls away. It’s like I’m stuck in an alternate universe for the entire time my pen is sliding across the page (Yup, I’m old school).

This is where my passion lies—where all my love and enthusiasm germinates and flourishes. This is what I want to do.

I write every day. I constantly have notebooks on the go. I’m writing draft blog posts and short stories. Sometimes I just need to get my thoughts out onto a page. Sometimes, I am planning and fleshing out my latest novel idea.

I read, in January’s issue of Writing Magazine, some responses that writers had to the question “How do you know when you’re done writing?”

My answer is this:
I find finishing a piece to be very difficult because I know that no matter how much I edit or rewrite it, it is never going to be perfect. This type of finishing takes acceptance and courage—something that you have to develop. But something that you will never hear me say is: “I am done writing”. Pieces may come and go, completed and published or incomplete and in the trashcan, but I refuse to ever give up on writing. I refuse to ever let something that brings me so much joy slip through my fingers and out of my life. I will never be done. Never.


So … please, if you have someone in your life that might enjoy my perspective on life, the things that I write about and the way I write, please share my blog(s) with them. Please give me a follow, and spreas the word. By doing so, you are helping me work toward that next tier in achieving my dream!
A million thanks!

Stay tuned for a short story coming to this blog within the hour.
Hope you enjoy it!


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