Travel Log: Historic Hobart Day 1

It’s currently 6.30pm in beautiful Hobart. The sun has set and all the light globes are blazing in the buildings that are not alone.
It’s my 4th time here, my friend’s 1st. It’s my first time back in 10 years.

Though Hobart is a capital city, a crowd of trees is never far away. The histoic buildings, like customs house and cascade brewery, make a standard capital city picturesque and wonderful.

We set our alarms for 6.30am — an abominable time — and were on our way to the airport by 7am. The temperature was icy and the sun hadn’t bothered to open its eyes yet.

Both of us had set roles our trip ahead. My friend, driver; me, navigator. There was one problem with that scenario… I am the worst navigator.

Everything was fine until we got close to the airport. I got distracted and started talking about something entirely different and then… “Shit! There goes the exit!”

It took about 10-15 minutes to turn around and take the exit again from the opposite direction, which I guess in hindsight is really not the biggest time delay, but internally I was blaming myself for our potentially missing the plane and having to go home before our holiday had even begun.

But, of course, we had left plenty of time for potential delays — being two women riddled with anxiety — and we reached the airport with close to 2 hours to spare.

After checking into our hotel and setting up, i.e. dumping our bags on the ground and spread-eagling on the bed before eventually deciding that, though a rogue mouse in the ceiling kept us up for the majority of the previous night, we should probably go and explore our surrounds.

Off we went, brave and intrepid, with no coats (another stupid mistake) and went off in the general direction of the water, with Google Maps on my friend’s phone as a guide.

After about 15 minutes of walking, and still no sign of water, we consulted the map again and realised that instead of heading in the correct direction from the off, we had been heading in entirely the wrong direction. So back we went from whence we came, stopping briefly at the hotel to pick up mild insulation in clothing form before heading on our way again.

Here, we found a place for a late lunch and a drink and a few shops to browse before we made the trek back to the hotel and stocked up on snacky supplies.

Today’s lesson learned: neither of us were born to be navigators.


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