Travel Log: Hilly Hobart Day 4

We started today with a walk in a cloud. At 10am, we met the bus and driver that would take us up to the summit of Mount Wellington.

All week we had wondered whether we would be blessed with snow on our visit and whether we would actually be able to see anything because of the cloud that the mountain constantly seemed to be wearing like a top hat.

As the bus crept higher, the cloud got worse and by the time we actually reached the summit, the furthest we could see was about 2-3 metres in front of us.

The forecast was telling us that it was 2 degrees Celsius when we stepped off the bus. It felt like it was -10. The wind was positively arctic and did not let up one bit.

By the time we got on the bus, our bodies were considering shutting down, but we carried on and began our desent.
The kindly bus driver stopped along the way so that we could take photos of the view of the city below.

Soon after arriving back in the city, we boarded a ferry to MONA – the Museum of Old and New Art. We sat at the back of the boat and watched to world go by.

The museum itself has many ingenius and abstract exhibits, as well as a few designed to shock and alienate.

Once we made our way through it all, we stopped at the cafe and had a pot of tea overlooking the Derwent River.

By the time we were back on solid ground in the city, we were starved, so we went in search of a burger place we had heard was great. It was a bit of a hike, but we eventually found the German themed Burger Haus nestled in the hills of North Hobart.

Lastly, because our day was filled with decadence, we stopped off on our way home at a gelato place for dessert.

Lesson for today: wearing two coats on Mount Wellington is never a joke.


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