The First Snow

Oh, Hi, there,
How you doin’?

It’s Saturday again… only two more Saturdays ’til the end of the year! … I think I might throw up.

Where has this year gone????!!!

Today I thought I would give you another creative piece … something to sink your teeth into this holiday season … cue courtesy holiday Insta snap *click*

So … grab yourself a cup of tea, and let’s get on with it, shall we?


The First Snow

All she could hear was the soft crunch of her boots compressing the freshly fallen snow to the pavement. She knew that she shouldn’t have been out there. It was far too cold. But seeing the snow made her brain go fuzzy, and a smile to stretch as much as her face would allow.

It was ‘the first snow’ – that’s what her sister coined it. It was the most magical, the most vibrant, the most breathtaking. When she asked her sister, Naomi, why the first snow was all of these things, she had said just this:

‘Because it is, Poppy, it is.’

Poppy spent the next half an hour reading her encyclopaedia. If the first snow was coming tonight, she had to know why it had superpowers. But the encyclopaedia just said that snow was frozen rain. Boring!

Now, though, seeing it – being in it – she finally got it. The first snow. The garden had transformed – everything was covered in white. The shapes were less harsh and everything was so, so quiet.

‘Poppy!’ he mother called from the back door, ‘Time to come back inside!’

Poppy, cheeks rosy with the chilled air, plonked her bottom on the ground. Her parka puffing around her middle. She needed a few minutes longer.

‘Poppy!’ she heard her mother again.

Slowly, she peeled off her right glove, and stuck her entire hand in the snow beside her. The sensation was thrilling. It sent shivers up her spine and down to her toes. It looked so soft, like a puffy pillow, but it felt crisp and grainy – not to mention numbingly cold.

‘The first snow,’ she muttered, leaning back lie flat on her back, ‘The first snow.


There you have it! A bit of festive flash fiction for this Saturday!

I’ll see you Tuesday!

Stay safe


In the meantime, you know where to find me:



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