L is for Life (in 104 words)

Hey! Today’s blog post comes from the deep recesses of my mind … I’m struggling to even string words together in a sentence, so I’m scrounging and digging for them in the cloud of grey matter.

Adolescence. Teenager. Egotistical. Experimental.
Beauty. Perspective. Subjectivity. Manufactured.
Connection. Relationship. Fleeting. Developmental.
Depression. Ebb. Heavy. Recovery.
Experiences. Milestones. Aging. Memories.
Friendship. Life-long. Pleasure. Bliss.
Guilt. Innocence. Mistakes. Heartbreak.
Happiness. Smiles. Hobby. Interests.
Illness. Health. Hospital. Exercise.
Job. Busyness. Career. Work.
Kindness. Appreciation. Love. Animosity.
Laughter. Genuine. Surprise. Cackle.
Money. Shopping. Wealth. Savings.
Name. Family. Heritage. Culture.
Oddity. Normality. Labels. Confusion.
Personality. Identity. Sexuality. Pride.
Questions. Curiosity. Expectations. Education.
Rebellion. Risk. Obedience. Rules.
Sex. Children. Marriage. Growth.
Trauma. Accidents. Support. Acceptance.
Ubiquitous. Existential. Universal. Global.
Vulnerability. Strength. Internal. Weakness.
Worry. Anxiety. Stress. Introverted.
Xenial. Travel. Holiday. Exploration.
Yuletide. Festivities. Celebration. Parties.
Zigzag. Youth. Unexpected. Life.

It’s a little different.

Let me know what you think!

See you Tuesday!

Hope your Christmas preparations are going smoothly. Stay Safe.

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Much love x


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