Invisible People

I thought I would write a small short story for you today!!
Here goes!


Sometimes I think that, maybe, I’m too obvious – that people an read exactly who I am and what I have to offer. It’s frustrating. I thought that I may be a least a little more cryptic, or layered.

Sitting here, now, I can hear them talking. They speak as though I’m not in the room – invisible, unless expressly need.

‘Ugh. Horrible,’ Georgina, a girl I thought to be a friend, says suddenly.

‘Really?’ Her buddy, sitting close, replies with her eyebrows raised.

I stay as still as I can, as though any movement, even a wisp of wind will break the spell – the illusion that I am not there.

I like to tell stories. Maybe that’s why Georgina hates me. Because I have the propensity to extend my storytelling for hours on end. But all she needed to do was tell me to stop. I would have. It not like I can force her to listen.

The window, ajar, lets in a cool breeze that ripples across me. It’s nice – like blowing dust from a countertop in the kitchen of an abandoned house.

It’s been a while since someone let me tell stories to them. It’s not like I endeavour to bore them, sometimes people really love them. I’m good at it. But, like every story, they’re open to people’s interpretations and preferences. You can’t please everybody, right?

‘… so cliché …’ Georgina, is saying.

‘I’m not cliché!’ I want to scream at her, ‘how dare you?!’

Pride and Prejudice, though?’ Georgina smiles at her companion, ‘that was absolutely exquisite.’


There you go! Short. Sharp.
Tell me what you think!

See you Saturday!

Don’t forget the socials!

much love x


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