Dear Christmas

You flit in and out of people’s lives like some crazed sort of bird. You look sweet and innocent – some irreplaceable part of nature. Then you start to panic, spread your wings, and frantically flap. The results? Everything knocked over, and shit gets splattered everywhere.

When we are kids, we worship you and what you represent. We can’t wait for Santa, presents, and food that will rot our teeth. But somewhere along the way, we all lose sight of the magic that you spur within us. We lose our innocence and our imagination to the point where we are on the brink of becoming routine-crazed automatons.

Perhaps we have so much faith in you because we miss what we thought of you when we were kids. How much we loved the decorations, the wrapping paper, the time we spent revelling in our latest and most novel acquisitions.

When we become adults, you become less about enchantments and spells, and more about family. We move mountains in order to come together one day a year. For that one day, you surround us, and remind us that though life moves so quickly we can blink and miss ten years, we are able to stop, and appreciate the things that we have in that moment. You give us that, and that is irreplaceable.

My dear Christmas, though I don’t like you, or the idea of you, most of the time, I do really appreciate you. You inspire the best in people, though sometimes you make people a little nutty.

You don’t discriminate, though you originated as a solely Christian holiday. Sometimes I think we forget where you came from, and focus on what you are now, in 2016.

So, my dear Christmas,
be merry today. Right at this moment, you are bringing the world together.


Merry Christmas, everyone.

Happy Holidays.

Don’t overeat. Stay safe. Share love.

I’ll see you on Tuesday.

Don’t forget the socials!


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