Dear Illness,

Dear Illness,

Why must you be so cumbersome? Why, when you are something as trivial as a cold, must you make me feel like I have taken multiple blows to the head?

Though you come in many shapes, forms, and varieties, you insist on incapacitating us in one way or another. I mean, my brain is barely functioning right now because of you.

Doctors work so hard to eradicate you – from fungal infection to cancer – and you just keep re-shaping and re-building yourself so that you can squeeze through the cracks in the walls that the doctors desperately erect to keep you out. You’re horrific.

You take people from us. People that we love so dearly it hurts. How do you live with what you have done? Does the guilt not eat at you until you are Swiss cheese?

Of course, you don’t have feelings, do you? You can’t feel guilt or sympathy. You have no concept of right or wrong. I hate you for it.

Sometimes we don’t even know you’re around until it’s too late. You lie beneath the floorboards until we’re standing right above you, and in a flurry of weaponry and uncontrollable limbs, we end up on our backs, nursing our wounds and wondering how the universe could put us in such a situation.

You are tragedy wrapped inside a bomb. We don’t know when you’re going to explode, we don’t know if you’re going to explode, but you stand before us threateningly with your finger on the button.

I hate you.

There will be a time when I overpower you … at least, for the time being.

But how can I guarantee that you won’t transform yourself and come back for me?


Happy Tuesday everyone! Hoping that you aren’t riddled with cold like I am. It’s quite jarring having a cold in the middle of summer…

I’ll see you Saturday, hopefully feeling a lot better.

In the meantime, please follow me on social media.

much love xx


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