O is for Originality

In a world where creative content is created by the bucketload every minute, how can we make ourselves stand out? How can I be original when there could be someone, somewhere in the world creating very similar (if not the same) content as me?

Originality. That’s key.

I think it’s inevitable, though, that every piece of creative content borrows elements from other works. I think it’s impossible for an artist – whether that be painter, writer, sculptor, musician, or anything else similar – cannot produce a piece of work without being influenced by other works in their field (and sometimes other fields – see Bastille’s ‘Poet‘ inspired by Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18).

In my opinion, originality comes when an artist creates (or reimagines) something that makes an audience member think about something differently. For instance, I read Nicola Yoon’s, The Sun is Also a Star the other day. I thoroughly enjoyed it. For me, it was original because, though I had read books that discussed fate and how one decision can set of a chain of subsequent events, Yoon made me consider the possibility of some aspects of life being inevitable no matter what decision or outside influences impact your life. (I’m sorry if this is vague, I am trying to not ruin the book for you).

I guess what I am saying is, that originality (in some ways) is subjective. It depends on how a piece of work is interpreted by an audience member, and therefore whether their interpretation matches that of another of their interpretations.

So in a world where creative content is abundant, I’m just gonna do my thing. This what I know. This is what I do best. I’ll write what I want, and let the things I read influence and better the way in which I write. After all, we, as people, are just an amalgamation of the art we digest and the experiences we’ve been exposed to.

See you Tuesday!

Much love xxx

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