Dear London

Dear London,

I miss you.

I never thought I would. I thought that once I visited you, I would be done. But you have claws. You dug them into me until I couldn’t waver from you.

But I can’t be mad. I love you.

Before I even met you, I put you on a pedestal. You were the ultimate. The place where dreams came alive. I thought my hopes were an overestimation – that I would be sorely disappointed with the reality of you – but you exceeded my hopes.

2013. That’s when I last saw you. Nearly 4 years. A blip in time for the city that was born in 50AD. An age for the woman born in 1992.

I think the thing that astounded me most was the age of your most loved landmarks. Most of them 2-300 years old. Does that not blow your mind? Does that not make you proud?

You sparked yearning within me. A yearning for knowledge; a yearning for exploration. I can now give my friends an in depth history lesson about your most revered and feared monarchs.

Mark my words, London. I will visit you soon.

I expect to be welcomed with open arms. Because I want nothing more than to immerse myself in all that you are. I want to learn more about what makes you tick and I want to see all your secrets.

Wait for me.


See you Saturday!


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