If my life were a TV show…

If my life were a TV show, it would be incredibly boring. I’m one of those people that works….all the time. If I’m not actually at work, then I am writing, which is additional work. On top of that, I am socially awkward and try to avoid those uncomfortable moments that go along with being awkwardly inclined by avoiding social situations entirely….unless it is a one-on-one social event.

No one would watch the TV show of my life, except me, probably.

In saying that, I’m not unhappy with the life I have. I have a lot to be proud of!

But let us dream that, somehow, we could implant ourselves into a TV show. Which life would you choose? Think hard.

I mean, would it not be cool to fight monsters with Sam and Dean? Would it not be amazing to assist Temperance Brennan in her forensically anthropological feats? What about hearing McDreamy say “It’s a beautiful night to save lives. Let’s have some fun”?

How would you fit into that TV world? Who would you be? Protagonist? Antagonist? Major character? Minor character? How do you choose?

Some of you may be thinking what I am currently thinking: Sarah, it’s hard enough choosing who you’re going to be in the real world without adding a fictional world to the mix! This is true. I apologise, but just go with me on this one.

I don’t really know which world I’d like to live in. I’m a big fan of Supernatural, but I don’t think I’d necessarily think I’d like to live there – I’d probably end up murdered by a demon, or something.

I think Stars Hollow would be a nice place to live, but I feel like I am too similar to Rory – there’s not room for 2 Rory Gilmores in Stars Hollow.

If I could choose to actually be a character, I would probably go for the grandma in Downton Abbey played by Dame Maggie Smith. She’s badass all round. But, I mean, which character played by Dame Maggie Smith isn’t?

It’s interesting, when I began writing this, I had it my mind that it would be awesome to be able to transport yourself to your favourite fictional universe, but as I wrote my mind progressively thought the opposite. How do you choose just one? And what is it about that one place that makes you certain that that world is the world for you?

And thus, I leave you with this:

If my life were a TV show, it wouldn’t be a TV show.


This one was my go at bit of free writing.

See you Tuesday!





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