R is for R U Posting Today?!


I have to be honest with you, I forgot to write a post for today. I’ve had a very busy week, and today, instead of being a good little writer/blogger, decided to take a “me day” today. Thus, I forgot. Oops.

But, yes, I am posting today. I am here. I am writing at 11pm.

And I am completely blocked.

Isn’t that always the way? You are the most blocked when you have to write?


It is nonsense
You sigh for all things you cannot alter
You tear yourself apart
In attempt to find a cure
To solve something from the past
No one told you
The past is past
Only the future negotiable

You are nonsense
Yet you cannot change yourself
I tear myself apart
Knowing I am part of why
Witnessing your struggle
and your pain
Help is no option
And endurance non-negotiable

We are nonsense
Who says what is normal
In a world of sublime abnormality
We tear ourselves apart
In attempt to find assimilation
No one told you
Individuality is not so individual
When the flock always follows the sheep


There you go! That was my attempt at writing some poetry for you.
Let me know what you think!

See you Tuesday! I promise!

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