Dear Clumsiness

Dear Clumsiness,

You know me well.

My friend got a new phone once. She loved it. It was her ‘precious‘. She wouldn’t let me hold it. When I asked her why she said simply, “You’ll drop it”. Incidentally, I eventually convinced her to let me hold it, then promptly dropped it on the floor of the bus. This is what you have made my life become.

It’s not uncommon for me to drop things. I drop my keys three times in a row some days – drop them, pick them up, drop them, pick them up, drop them, “well, they may as well just stay there now”. And I have many a stain on my jeans from spilling boiling tea in my lap.

Is there a reason why I am so clumsy?

After looking on Web MD (always a superb idea…not), I can conclude that I am none-the-wiser. I read a bit and then I got confused and, frankly, a little bored. Just shows where my attention span is at today. Non-existent.

I had a morning a few weeks ago, that really set me off on thinking that the day was just going to be awful. I was in my kitchen, opening a new packet of muesli, as you do, and for some reason, the packet decided to split open and pour out all over my bench top and the floor. But it didn’t stop there. After a bit of a frustrated huff and puff, I grabbed the dustpan and brush, swept up all the muesli and carted it to the bin … where I promptly knocked the bin over and out spilt my week’s worth of garbage (Yes, even I am shaking my head at myself). I spent the rest of the day suspecting an anvil was going to drop on my head because, well, why wouldn’t it, after that start to the day?

So, clumsiness, why do you haunt me so? Do you take delight in torturing innocent souls? Why must you cause so much havoc in people’s lives?

One of the things I would love to buy myself, is a decent camera. And one of the main reasons why I haven’t yet is that I don’t want to spend umpteen hundred dollars on a camera that I am probably going to drop off a cliff (knowing my luck).

So it looks like, because of you, I am going to live, a camera-free and mistrust-filled life. Thanks, dude.


See you Tuesday!

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One thought on “Dear Clumsiness

  1. Hahahaha!

    I can SO relate! I suffer from ’emotional clumsiness’. You know – when you get yourself into situations that cause emotional self-injury? M-hmm. Been there and totally done that.

    And it’s always a complete accident.

    I suppose I’m just fearless.

    You know; just the other day, someone said to me: “Ugh! I’m so accident-prone!”, after cutting her finger whilst chopping some veggies. And after I’d heard only SOME of her frightful stories about injuries she’d received as a result of her self-proclaimed clumsiness, over the previous two weeks on shift with her. And even during those 2 weeks, I’d seen her inure herself in some way, more times than I’ve witnessed anyone do in 2 weeks. In my life.


    She’s a beautiful soul – like you – and so, I reminded her:

    “You’re not clumsy, honey. You’re fearless! You’re focused! That’s why the dangers and ‘possible accidents’ are of little importance to you.

    That’s why you don’t forsee them. That’s why your hands and feet are so eager to go forward.

    That’s why you achieve your dreams in life”.

    I think it made sense to her.
    Maybe it will make sense to you!

    You’re not clumsy, honey.
    You’re just fearless.
    That’s all xx

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