Dear Drivers

Dear Drivers,

I spent most of the weekend driving. I drove at least 1090 kilometres (676 miles) over the weekend. I averaged about 272 kilometres (196 miles). That’s a very long way in my book; I don’t know about yours. By the time I got home yesterday and stopped concentrating, I was half asleep and yawning every five seconds.

For the most part, I enjoyed driving with you, but there were exceptions.

When I first started driving, I was a bit older than most. Here, we get out learner’s permit at sixteen years old. I was nineteen. This is not because I didn’t have the opportunity to get my learner’s permit. I just didn’t want it. In hindsight, I probably should have just got my licence when I first had the chance, but somehow, I don’t think I would have been ready.

I’m a pretty nervous person, so getting my learner’s permit at sixteen, when I had a lot of other things to worry about and consider, probably would have made me flip out. That’s probably not something that should happen when you are in control of a vehicle travelling at high speeds … Whereas, when I was nineteen, I had mellowed and I finally felt ready to take that next step toward maturing.

I think when you are sixteen, you are so ready to grow up and say goodbye to childhood, that you jump into driving with next to no serious design in learning. Then when you are put behind the wheel of a car, supervised by a licenced adult, and you have to try your best not to be the cause of racking up a buttload of car repair and medical bills, your teenage brain kind of sobers.

Now that I am fully licenced, I see it more and more. Kids on their learner’s permit, sitting in the driver’s seat beside their parents, looking absolutely petrified. Not so scared that they might, in a panic, run headfirst into a wall, but the kind of petrified that looks as though they have realised they haven’t quite thought the decision to start driving through.

And how tiring is driving when you first start? I mean, I could have had external factors making me so tired when I was first learning, but I found that I was desperate for a nap soon after every drive I had. Now, though, I am used to it, though the concentration that driving demands still slowly sucks the vitality from me. That’s what driving breaks are for!

In short, I have been known to love a good drive; usually a long one. And, perhaps, others may have been right in saying that I was unwise to refuse to get my licence for so long, but … I don’t regret it. I have more than made up for it. And I almost like it now.


See you Saturday, and don’t forget to follow me on social media!


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