Dear Holidays

Dear Holidays,

Thou art a bittersweet novelty.

You arrive and depart in what feels like the same second. Why?

The time leading up to a holiday is the longest to endure. You are so full of excitement, every minute feels like an excruciating hour. When that time arrives, you can’t believe it’s here. You’re boarding a plane, you’re loading up your car; you’re “getting the hell out of dodge”, basically.

There’s something about embedding yourself in an environment you aren’t familiar with. It’s scary as hell … but you thrive off it. Somehow, though we are on the same planet, it gives us this feeling that we are cheating life, and are running away from life and our responsibilities. It’s such a powerful thing. Of course, what really happens is that all those responsibilities and life stresses that we think we are running away from are well and truly present and accounted for, stacked on your doorstep when you return. Funny that.

When you arrive at your destination, it’s bliss. You can’t wait to go out and explore this new world you have found yourself in. And it doesn’t stop. You walk more in one day than you usually would in a week. You’ve come to this place to relax, but you end up jamming so much into your day, that relaxing becomes an absurd concept. How can you relax, when you are confronted with so much to see and do?

And then before you know it, whether it’s for six months or three days, it’s over. And you are on the plane back to your hometown, back to work, school, whatever is you do. And on that first day back, you find yourself wishing that you booked your trip for that one day longer. You wish you could go back, and you long for the time you can book another holiday to take you away from the responsibilities and stresses that you have just returned to.

As you may have guessed, tomorrow I go on holidays. I am so exited to go. It’s going to be epic. It’s a writer’s holiday. I’m going to be spending my days, taking in the world around me and writing about it.

So … You have a whole six days in a row with me this week … starting tomorrow.


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