Day 1: A Rocky Start.

Total no of phone calls to Dad: 4

Total no of phone calls to the bestie: 5

Total no of times I nearly cried in frustrated rage: 14,000

After a slow start to the day …


I set off from home at around 10.30am. Everything was great. I packed in record time and I had everything I needed (or so I thought).

I got ten minutes from home and realised I had left hair ties at home. Not a big deal. I could get some replacements on my way. I wouldn’t be able to survive without them. My hair falls down to the small of your back, and is sometimes quite unruly and needs to be tamed with a nice high ponytail. I digress.

Thirty minutes from home, I realised that I had wet washing in my washing machine that I hadn’t hung out. After four days away, they were going to be well and truly mouldy and unwearable. Back I went.

Fifteen minutes later, I was back on the road.

About two-thirds of the way to Melbourne, I made a loo stop, only to find that my car was struggling to start. Car troubles are not uncommon for me. They seem to happen when I least need them to happen. After a couple of tries, I got him up and running again and off I headed.

Arriving in Melbourne, I as usual with me, got lost …

But I have now finally made it to Melbourne, and am now in the comfort of my bestie’s apartment. I have cooked us both dinner of Indian-Style Lamb and Eggplant Pizzas…

and I have made her bed, given her presents … and am currently ignoring her presence because I am writing. OH GOD, I’M A TERRIBLE FRIEND.

So … day one has been a rocky one. But I eventually made it here, and dinner turned out to be a smashing success.

I’m now off to spend some quality time with my favourite person!

See you tomorrow!



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