Day 2: Up in the Air

No. of times I got lost: 3
No. of times I made an idiot of myself: 3
No. of times I considered napping: 14,000

The morning of day two went thus:

5.27am Woke up remembering I had not booked a shuttle to take me from the airport to my hotel.

6am Booked shuttle.

6.45am Alarm went off.

7.30am Left the bestie’s.

8.47am Arrived at airport.

After arriving at the airport, I went through the usual rigmarole – boarding pass, checked luggage, boarding, seats and tray tables in the upright position.

When we touched down and I was reunited with my luggage, I headed off on a shuttle bus to the city. Due to all of the stops we had to make along the way, I got a pretty rounded view of the city I had now found myself in.

After disembarking from the bus, I made my way around the corner to the hotel I was staying at and marched pointedly up the reception desk, told them my surname and instantly my jaw hit the desk.

‘No, I’m sorry, we don’t have a reservation under that name. Are you sure you booked with us?’

‘Yes. Well, I think so.’

”Have you got the right one? There are a few of us around the city?’

Of course, in typical Sarah fashion, I had not taken it into account that there might be more than one hotel with the same name in the same city. I mean, I knew it was a chain, but I just didn’t think that there could be two in the same suburb. Anyway, of course I had the wrong one, and of course I would be the one to make that mistake. So off I went … four blocks (approximately) to the other hotel, where I did have a booking.

Despite a few mishaps (I wouldn’t be me without them), there were a couple of things that I witnessed at the airport and on the plane, though, that made me smile.

  1. In the food court at the airport, I witnessed the children of a young family play a spelling game between themselves.
  2. I sat next to an elderly woman and her daughter whilst waiting to board and I learnt more about them in five minutes than I thought I would.
  3. I sat opposite a baby and his mum on the plane. He was a restless little soldier, but when she flicked through the pages of a magazine, he was completely mesmerised.

These three things, made me marvel at the world. Small things, small actions can make someone else’s life that much more enjoyable.

I knew I was going to be nervous today. I made myself promise I would push myself. So I did. I talked to those strangers sat next to me and I went out in the afternoon and evening even though all I wanted was to sleep.

So, on the whole a good day.

I’m off to bed. I can barely keep my eyes open.

See you tomorrow for day 3.

Psst! It’s gonna be a good one.


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