Day 4: A Day of Pure Existence

No. of words I wrote: 1043

No. of photos I took of lizards: 16

No. of times I made a wish that my future children will be as engaged with a movie as the one that was sitting next to me: 14,000

I began the day by searching for a café to have breakfast, laptop in hand. Due to the mood I was in, I found this quite difficult. No, no, no, no, no, no … ehhhhh … no, no, no, no.

Finally deciding on a place to eat, I sat and immediately opened my laptop and began to type. I was surprised by how engrossed I got. I was determined to get as many words out of me whilst I had the chance.

I sat there for a good hour and a half, oblivious to all the people walking past, all the other diners, all of the staff. I sat and wrote until I thought I had outstayed my welcome … and my laptop was losing its charge.

I headed back to my hotel room, put my laptop on charge and decided to explore the City Botanic Gardens. They were gorgeous. The sun was out, and so were the lizards—sunbaking, enjoying the sunlight slowly heating their blood. They were obviously used to the attention. Most of them just sat there silently judging all of the people taking photos and fawning over how cool they looked. I was one of those people. They were awesome.

Next stop was the bookstore. I spent about an hour in there, browsing, taking in all of the pretty covers and just generally enjoying being in the company of books. I left having purchased two carefully chosen books.

I spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around shops, looking at clothing and buying a few things here and there.

Back in my hotel room, nearly falling asleep, I made the decision to go and see the new Beauty and the Beast. I was seated next to a little girl who gave her own unprompted and innocence driven commentary throughout the entire thing and I have never been more happy to have my movie viewing repeatedly interrupted. In short, the movie was entirely magical. I loved it immensely.

It was the perfect end to my day.



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