Day 5: Going Home

No. of wrong buses I got on: 1

Time I got home: 2am

No. of times I pretended I was Snow White talking to animals: 14,000

I’m sorry I didn’t write yesterday. I guess I could have told you sooner. A part of me had this ideal scenario playing in my head where I, through some miraculous chain of events, would have enough time and energy to write a post last night. Tough luck.

Yesterday morning, I spent getting ready for the day, cleaning up, packing, making sure I had everything, and then checking out of my room. Leaving my suitcase at reception, I made my way out in search of a place to write … I mean, have breakfast … but really, write.

I found a place that was open, overlooking the street below. I had fresh air, a view, food, and a notebook. I couldn’t have asked for more. I spent the next hour or so, eating, sipping a chai latte and scribbling (and, yes, I mean scribbling. My handwriting is atrocious) in my notebook until I felt that I had, again, outstayed my welcome.

Grabbing myself a venti tea from Starbucks, I headed back out to the botanic gardens. I loved my time there the day before and I hadn’t fully explored the place.

After walking round for a while, enjoying the breeze—feeling like I was an additional character in the secret garden—I found park bench overlooking the river and began to read Liz Kessler’s Read Me Like a Book. It’s a good one. You should check it out. I’ve already finished it.

I lasted about half an hour before I moved, and found a park bench to write at.

From there, I made my way back to the hotel to pick up my suitcase, and then to the shuttle bus to the airport.

Of course, being me, the journey home was not at all smooth. Once I landed and collected my luggage, I got on what I thought was the bus to the car park where I parked my car. As it turns out I got on the wrong long term car park bus, and got a lovely night tour of the wrong car park before arriving back exactly where I started.

After disembarking and being directed to the right bus, I was finally one step closer to getting home.

The drive home was pretty smooth. Long, but smooth.

I arrived back at 2am where I promptly passed out on my bed and stayed ‘til morning.

Thus, my April trip 2017 ended.



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