I didn’t post last Tuesday.

I didn’t post last Tuesday.

I’m sorry.

With the reintroduction of 11 hour work days after the Easter period, and next to no sleep, my body was not feeling great. Thus I decided to cancel the last post.

It’s Saturday now, though, and I am very much back into the swing of things.

I thought, today, I would give you a book review. I read it about two weeks ago. It’s called Read Me Like a Book.

Author: Liz Kessler
Year: 2015
Pages: 304
Genre: LGBTQ+

Read Me Like a Book follows Ashleigh Walker, a young high school student who could not care less about school. She hates class, the teachers and the subjects. She doesn’t see why she has to be there, or what the point of it all is.

She meets her dream guy at a party – Dylan – who makes her nervous and seems to actually want to talk to her. They start dating, and life is great, though he wants to go a lot further with her than she’s comfortable with.

And then her English teacher leaves, and she gets a temporary replacement – Miss Murray – who has this thing about her that sucks Ashleigh in. Ashleigh starts caring about English and her grades, and suddenly Dylan seems less important.

But is Ashleigh’s like of Miss Murray more than she originally thinks?

This book had me captivated from the start. It had controversy and intrigue attached to it. It was enthralling.

Miss Murray is a thoroughly likeable woman whose passion for English and literature I saw mirrored in myself, though I question her morals quite a bit.

The controversial relationship between Miss Murray and Ashleigh plays on readers minds in a will the, won’t they sense until the novel reaches it’s pinnacle.

If you love a book that provides food for thought, I would recommend this one.


See you Tuesday!


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